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Ark Trading


Frequently Asked Questions:

-"when will I get my tame"

So as long as you provided all the correct information we do our best to get back to you within 24 hour. M-F. Sometimes you maybe contacted on the weekend as well.

-"how do I receive my tame"

Depending on the team member delivering it may come in a pod or be downloaded from the ob. We ask to meet you on your server at the ob closest to you.

After you recieve your order we ask that you send a message to the delivering party saying you have recieved your order.

In return you will get a message from the delivering party saying "Order #00000 Filled"

* Example

"I have recieved my order"



- Expectations -

Please make sure you check your message request on Xbox. 

This is how we contact you.

-Thank you.

We want you to have the best experience possible! If you have questions were here to help! So feel Free to create an account and message us on HERE with something your maybe needing or looking for!

Please Note that unless it states in the Title of the item being sold "With Saddle" that the tame you are purchasing does Not come with a saddle. 

- Khaleesi

Once we deliver it becomes out of our hads. If a tame or any items purchased go missing or die's due to trolls or wild creatures, We are not resposible.

Please understand that we do not do refunds or exchanges. Under some circumstances we will do in store credit; at the sellers discretion.

- When buying Structure -

When buying a structure most of the time it will be made to order. 

What does that mean?

That means the structure you bought are being made after you have purchased them.

- When Purchasing A Clone -

When Buying A Clone Know that it is made to order we will contact you and give you a time of when your clone will be done. Then from there we will set up a time that will work for delivery! 



contact us!
twitter: @ArktradesO


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